Where Can You Learn About Digital Marketing?

They say 40% of future jobs don’t even exist today… We can’t expect our universities to prepare specialists if we aren’t even aware of what their skills might need to be.

Just a few years ago this was the case with digital marketing. Slowly but surely universities and other institutions are responding to the need to equip students with the knowledge necessary to work in the industry. Many agencies still rely on in-house training, however.

With more and more budgets being allocated to online marketing, the industry is growing fast, and is becoming increasingly popular among young graduates and those looking for a career change. If you want to stand out from other applicants, prove your interest by showing exactly how much you know. Find out your options to become an internet marketing whiz kid.

Online Resources

Blogs and forums are arguably the best way for you to stay in the loop as they see regular updates from real people working in the industry. Well-known resources such as SEOMoz and Econsultancy post up-to-date information and live commentary.

Forums also allow you to consult industry experts on specific questions that have arisen throughout your learning process.


Books are a good starting point, however, in as fast-moving an industry, they can age considerably in a short period of time. They are perfectly suited to getting to know the basic elements, tools and tricks used by the industry, but shouldn’t be turned to for the freshest information.


You can attend training courses in digital marketing Best Digital Marketing Institute both in person and through distance learning online. These don’t come cheap but are well worth attending if organised by institutions such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing, or The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing that attract the best minds and teaching staff in the industry.

Many generic business courses will now touch upon the importance of online marketing, which can be helpful for you to determine whether it’s something you’re truly interested in.

Recently, Ireland saw the launch of its very first, specialised Masters in Digital Marketing. The two-year part-time or online programme aims to provide students with the expertise and skills needed to advance their careers in the competitive industry.

If attending an interview for a search marketing job, by all means be ready to explain the differences between SEO, PPC and CRO. And ensure you know why a bespoke approach is better than using the same approach for clients or the “cookie cutter” method as it gets deemed in the USA.